A recent news piece from 5GZORRO presents the AI-driven Zero-touch Operations, Security and Trust in Multi-operator 5G networks, addressing the challenges by 5G ZORRO Arch, and how these should be approached. 

The challenges are as follows:

  • Sharing heterogeneous types of resources across multiple operators and
    infrastructure / resource providers for truly pervasive 5G.
  • Effective coexistence of Cloud-native vs more traditional IaaS network functions.
  • Full automation of network and service management.
  • Cross-operator/cross-domain service chains with security and trust.

5GZORRO have considered approaches required to address these challenges and listed ‘building blocks’ for 5G consolidation/evolution.

  • Operational Data Lakes would be implemented to centralize reservoirs of network operation data which would be accessible via API’s for data access, processing, aggregation and filtering.
  • Artificial Intelligence would be used to transform network orchestration and management into a process which can adapt and react itself with minimal manual intervention.
  • Using Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) / Blockchains to implement distributed security and trust across the various parties involved in the 5G service chain.
  • Cloud native technologies for SDN/NFV-based services for 5G in order to achieve the necessary flexibility, scalability and resilience of these services.

These challenges and their resolutions would have a big impact on the evolution of 5G networks and their future steps  and would offer:

  • Increased network reliability and service scalability across domains
  • Lower development and maintenance and operation costs.
  • New opportunities for cross-sector and open innovation from different parties
  • Best-practices in spectrum management and trading with reduced 5G spectrum capital expenditure.

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