Our Solutions


Bartr Connect provides comprehensive coverage of voice termination markets worldwide. Taking a data-driven algorithmic approach to rates analytics, Bartr Connect is able to optimise termination for Customers on the basis of price, and other Customer-defined variables. Termination rates are offered in real-time and all routes and rates available via Bartr Connect are live and operational when received by our Customers, saving them time and money and resulting in better profit margins on existing traffic volumes.


Whether B2B, B2C, or A2P or P2P, Bartr Connect provides unrivalled global market and sector coverage and expertise in the rapidly evolving SMS market. And at the best rates available from all global carriers, in real-time.


Bartr Connect provides bespoke, enterprise-grade data services with connections to all major ring and backbone fibre and DC operators worldwide.

Bartr Connect offers effective connectivity to 193+ countries and 800+ networks worldwide through a single connection. We provide managed service solutions for private capital and tier-one operators alike.