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Connectivity is the lifeblood of the new global economy and the demand for reliable, always on connectivity has never been higher.

Bartr Connect was founded to help you make the most of that demand, whether you need Voice, SMS, Data connectivity anywhere in the world.

Bartr Connect brings the best of innovation, technology and industry expertise to keep you connected 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Start shaping the new connected economy with a single connection with us.

Connect Retail Products

Join over 1000 networks worldwide enjoying better rates, automated routing and more control of their global voice termination, with Bartr Connect. Our team are ready and waiting to get you connected 24/7 no matter where you want to connect.

Bartr Connect Connectivity

Bartr Connect is a provider of Communications Services using proprietary data-driven algorithmic rates and routing software modules. We are registered as a Communication Provider as defined by Ofcom in the United Kingdom & the FCC in the USA.

As our industry is constantly evolving, with new operators and aggregators entering the market on a regular basis, we actively welcome cooperation with in-country partners.

Voice / SMS / Data

Our proprietary Bartr DIP tool scans all our available opportunities and routing across the globe, to surface the best available rate day or night, the DIP not only covers all valid codes but also helps us surface the rising stars and the best opportunities against Qos metrics.

Let us have CDRs if you want us to produce a comparison showing exactly what we would have charged you!

Smart PBX

Streamlined and consolidated functions of UCaaS customised to optimise productivity
across any workspace with minimum OPEX and no CAPEX. Cloud, Toll Free or Mobile Numbers that are easy to order, manage and troubleshoot. LNP Queries, CNAM Queries, Mobile Number Filtering as standard.


Seamlessly integrate 3G/4G mobile voice, SMS and data services with our built-in auto provisioning system. Empowering users and giving them the functionality they crave in a single UI, straight from their desktop.

Need Call Recording? Ask us how.

Minutes Voice Per Day Capacity

10 million+

Interconnect Partners


Connect Services

Real-time settlement from international telco experts round the clock. Voice, SMS or Data, Connect is here to be your trusted partner in operations to maximise revenue and increase margins and profits.

1. Our Technology

All our products and services are built on our proprietary Bartr Data Insights Platform (bDIP), which provides us with both global and granular overviews 24/7 – this allows us to instantly identify the most competitive routes and rates at a snap anywhere in the world.

2. Our Prices

We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t offer highly competitive pricing on all our Products and Services.

Let us have CDRs if you want us to produce a comparison showing exactly what we would have charged you!

3. Our Service

We thrive on Service, quality, detail and long lived partnerships with our clients. We believe this is delivered through 24/7 Customer service, through lean and efficient onboarding and by providing our Customers with the most competitive Communications Solutions.

4. Our Expertise

The Bartr team brings expertise in operations from across enterprise technology, innovation, telecoms, finance and commerce at local and global levels, which means we understand the nuances and needs of both local and global markets.

Routes, Products and Interconnects Worldwide


Turnaround from Interconnect to Live Routing.

24 hour

Why Bartr Connect?

In our new economy where the only constant is change, you need to be prepared to effortlessly spot and avoid disruption without dropping a single call, all at the press of a button, this is why we created Bartr Connect.

Bartr Connect is driving that change and fast. Using our proprietary technology and algorithmic approaches to pricing analytics – already well established in fintech and financial markets. Customers benefit from automated and optimised routing on the basis of price, Class of Service and other essential services that you need to run a smooth and efficient operation at scale.

Our Values

We inspire change by sharing advanced tech with the world, reforming business practice and bringing innovation, transparency and efficiency through our industry expertise and our approach.


Our Mission

The Bartr team works towards a fair and transparent telecoms industry, that supports and nurtures sustainable growth in existing and new markets, and provides the networks with the services they need to support and grow the global connected economy.

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