The Way the World Connects

More than ever, humanity loves to connect. Our economy relies on more an growing connectedness. Humans do better, together. That’s why at Bartr Group, we build new and valuable technology solutions that help telecom businesses around the world connect more people to a better, faster and more affordable connectivity experience.

We’ve suffered the problems of old management systems. The long days. The loss of revenue. The overwhelming daily admin. The unfathomable complexity of reems and reems of call and billing data in spreadsheet, after email, after database.

That’s why everything we build at Bartr Technologies is designed with the humans its connects and helps first in mind.

Which lets us connect more telecom businesses of all sizes, and more people from all countries around the world through Bartr Connect. Saving them time, stress and money to focus on what matters, and automate and optimise what doesn’t.

Together, we can build the new operating system for the way that the world connects

$300 Billion

Lost by the global telecom sector due to uncollected revenue, theft and fraud.


On average of all telecoms revenue is spent on operations alone.

Bartr Technologies: Standardised | Efficient | Transparent

At Bartr Technologies, starting with a blank sheet approach, we’re building distributed systems that connect, engage and reward all stakeholders. A fundamental shift towards shared value within networked environments in all sectors, starting with Telecommunications.

The Bartr Protocol creates a standardised, distributed and decentralised value layer that unlocks new and greater value for users and operators alike. A revolutionary paradigm shift for global networks.

25 Billion

Connected devices online by 2020 globally.


Of the global population connected online by 2020

Bartr Connect

Bartr Connect is a routing consultancy managing operations and technology for telecom partners and private capital.

Bartr Connect provides managed service solutions for private capital and Tier-One operators alike, employing proprietary technology modules built on a distributed ledger, heuristic algorithms, big data, and distributed computing principles.

The new operating system for global telecommunications networks, and beyond.

10 Million+

Minutes Voice Capacity


Interconnect Partners

Introducing The Team

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